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Revolutionise Quantitative Sciences Education

We create, manage, host & deliver interactive courses in quantitative and computational sciences for education providers.

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Runs like an app. 

Shows like slides.

Codes up like Jupyter.


With Deckzero, it can never be easier to to start prototyping models, algorithms and apps for quantitative models. No installation, no configuration, no infrastructure plumbing - putting in code, data, media items and formatted text and off you go! It's as simple as making a slide deck, with the ability to put in code and data that run straight out of the box (literally)!


Deckzero makes communication and sharing of quantitave models a breeze for both the model authors and their stake holders. Whether to build a showcase for your team's latest big data findings, or to teach your students about hands-on techniques in machine learning or Monte Carlo simulation, Deckzero helps you get over the barrier of communication with minimal efforts.


A picture is worth a thousand words. At Deckzero we believe a live and runnable model is worth a million in textual and potentially, monetary terms. With clear storylines, real data, live models and an auto-generated user interface (UI) that requires no front-end code, Deckzero is your platform to convert interest into sales at a fractional cost compared to traditional development cycles.

Runnable Code Blocks

In deckzero, code blocks in a deck can be run in live, with their results returned from the underlying virtual computing pod allocated to the user session. 

Interactive Forms - Build an App without knowing JS!
3D Molecule Block - Interactive view of protein structures

Embedded with NGLView for interactive visualisation of any protein structure from Protein Data Bank

16 different representations of molecules with different colour schemes

Use Cases

University College London

Deckzero works with University College London in developing a series of interactive courses on quantitative cellular biology.


Shandong University, China

Deckzero is used at Shandong University, China, to deliver a set of summer courses on computational biology and computational finance. 


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