Job Title:
Intern Software Engineer


Deckzero are looking for a talented software engineering intern aspiring to become a high-calibre, full-stack developer with exposure to quantitative and algorithmic modelling. The intern is expected to directly participate, with guidance from senior team members, in the core development of Deckzero’s modelling and visualisation platform – a next-generation webapp for teaching & research for quantitative sciences including mathematical modelling, machine learning, numerical and data analysis.

Successful candidate will be interning with us on a generously paid, rolling 3-month contract, with renewals subject to performance and availability reviews.


Depending on the length and depth of the internship, the candidate could be expected to gain significant experience in:

  • Javascript and Python development to a professional standard,

  • design and implementation of user interface and user experiences,

  • full software development cycles and industrial practices, and

  • 2D/3D dynamics visualisation and animation,

  • knowledge of quantitative models, numerical and computational techniques.

Essential Requirements
  • Having graduated from or currently enrolled in a UK university with a science, computing, engineering, mathematics, or finance major.

  • Previous experiences as the sole or main developer in two or more software projects, at least one of which must involve one of Javascript, Python or C/C++ languages. Projects can be industrial, academic or from university coursework, but must consist of multiple modules, serve a purpose (e.g. resolving a realistic problem) and be in a demonstratable state.

  • Knowledge of internet/web tech stacks – e.g. HTTP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

  • Enthusiasm for software systems engineering – this is a must.

  • Attention to details, completeness, and quality.

Optional Requirements
  • Project experiences/strong interests in

    • UI/UX design and engineering, or

    • Kubernetes/containerised cloud computing.

  • Experience or knowledge of software engineering pipelines, e.g. version control, testing, issue tracking and release cycles.

  • Quantitative, numerical, and algorithmic skills.

Company Description

Deckzero develops its own visual analytics & modelling platform, delivering teaching curriculum and model development services in quantitative education & research for universities and research organisations. Founded by seasoned quantitative professionals with industrial and academic experiences in the fields of quantitative finance and computational biology, Deckzero aims to deliver the best learning outcome and user experience in training for quantitative skills.