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About DzKids

Deckzero 4 Kids (DzKids) is a community-oriented initiative to introduce the skills and thoughts of programming and computation to school-age children. The courses are crafted specifically for children’s interest and need for advancing in their numeracy and logics skills. The courses are taught by qualified computational & quantitative professionals through the use of our cutting edge online quantitative research and presenting platform, Deckzero.

Story Book

In this creatively constructed course, the children will learn to build an automatic diary writer, through which they will develop a natural understanding of Python in a similar way as they learn a natural language like English. 

Currently not open for booking.

Cherry Tree

We use Python as a powerful modelling tool to significantly further children’s understanding of a spectrum of mathematical and scientific topics that form the corner stones of their Y4-Y6 academic curriculum for further studies.

Growth Deck Cohort 1:

Sunday 10am-11am

Growth Deck Cohort 2:

Sunday 8.45am-9.45am

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Ace in GCSE/A Level
Computer Science

We will launch this course in the near future. Watch this space...

Dates: TBC

Unique Features
  • We teach creative programming curriculum tightly coupled with, and echoing to, the relevant curricula of the mainstream subjects, e.g. maths, science, writing, art & music that students learn day-to-day at school.

  • We teach in a proper programming language, i.e. Python, in the same professional environment used by millions of real-world software engineers, quantitative professionals and data scientists.

  • The children will develop, through solving practical problems with code, the skills for computational thinking as well as the ability to operate a real-world programming language at their ease.

  • The course is fully interactive - live teaching, live content and live coding. All tuition lessons, practice lessons and homework assignments are taken care of by the instructor through the Deckzero platform.

  • Worry-free tuition. In-house developed web-based coding platform - all devices supported; no installation of software, no environment setup; code here run everywhere. Compatible with Jupyter Notebook/Lab. No mandatory requirement for parents to manage the post-lesson activities such as assignment, marking and final exams; Deckzero provides direct coaching in the optional practical sessions in between the tuition sessions for a small additional fee.

  • The syllabus and course materials will be open source and available for review and reference for free forever.

Dr Xiaofan Li

Dr Li has over 10 years of working experience as a front-office quantitative analyst in major investment banks and funds building out pricing models and systems for professional trading in the financial market. Dr Li also had been a Computer Science teacher at a prestigious girls' independent school in north London for pupils from Y5 to Y11. Dr Li holds a MPhil degree from Cambridge University and a PhD from UCL/Francis Crick Institute, both in the subject of Computational Biology.

Dr Daniele Moroni

Dr Moroni has 9 years of professional experience as a quantitative analyst in major investment banks building out pricing models and systems. Prior to banking Dr Moroni worked as a physicist developing molecular simulation methods at Cambridge University. He holds a MSc in physics from the Sapienza University of Rome and a PhD in computational chemistry from the University of Amsterdam.

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