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The Prep Deck Y2 - Y4
Code Up a Story + Touch-typing
Currently not open for booking.

Children of this age range undergo a fast development phase for reading and writing skills. Often they are seen to have a great and continuous interest in assembling word phrases, short and long sentences, which also lead to language and logics skills being developed.


This creatively constructed computing course seizes this rare window of opportunity to co-develop the kids' understanding and experience with a computing language, i.e. instructing a computer with a set of tasks to complete, just as they do with a natural language for human communications. Skills acquired in this stage have been shown to form a solid, long-term memory base.


Owing to Python’s strength in string manipulation, the children will learn how to “compose” new phrases and sentences (and lastly, a full story) through coding, which guarantees to bring them an abundant supply of amusement, laughter, basic skills in writing simple code and most importantly, the interest, familiarity and confidence in using an important human-to-computer interface when they are most sensitive to language learning - a sure way to future-proof the upcoming stages.